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We provide true benefit solutions, going beyond product offerings, to help your company design the right benefit package.

Strategic Benefits Solutions has top tier status with all the major insurance carriers. By working with us, our clients have access to enhanced insurance products, lower rates than those a regular agent can provide, and concierge status for underwriting, claims and service

Individual Health

Human resources is comprised of a wide variety of company responsibilities. Each benefit your company provides requires a unique set of paperwork. Our administrative services were created to help you simplify processes.

Clients are able to select the services they need. Strategic Benefits Solutions offers background screening, employee handbooks, time and attendance systems, FSA administration, COBRA administration, and much more.

All the right solutions for

your company.

Whether you are self-employeed and making decisions for your family, or manage benefit decisions for a large company, information about individual health coverage under the Affordable Care Act might play in to your decision. Strategic Benefits Solutions has the expert information you need.

Strategic Benefits Solutions offers payroll administration for employer groups ranging from one to an unlimited number of employees. Our service includes:

  • Making all tax deposits

  • Quarterly and year-end reports including W-2’s

  • Processing direct deposit or printing employee payroll checks

  • All necessary reports for the client’s bookkeeping

  • Tracking time and attendance

  • Managing paid time off benefits

New healthcare regulations have created an aggressive audit environment.

  • Approximately 16,500 auditors have been hired by the IRS to conduct ERISA audits.

  • Of audited plans,75% violate ERISA, and 70% of plans end up with fines up to $100 per day per affected employee. For a 55 person health group, the fines could total $110,000 in one month after being audited.


Strategic Benefits Solutions offers ERISA Compliance services to help your company navigate the compliance arena.

About Us

Strategic Benefits Solutions is a human resource outsourcing firm specializing in employee benefits, human resource administrative services, and payroll services. Our strategy starts with identifying clients’ needs so we may develop and implement innovative programs. Our promise to clients is to provide superior customer service. We continuously review our programs to ensure we are meeting our client’s goals.

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